The Topdeck crew has hit the first island on our Greek tour in the famous party central of Mykonos. After a tough 5 hour boat ride we dragged our bags and bodies to the beautiful Nassaki hotel. Down the road was the beautiful beach of Platys Gallos. After settling in we went for a swim down at the most scenic spot known to man.


One of the big things about Greece in general and especially Mykonos is the amazing food on offer. My first taste was a brilliant souvlaki plate, filled with grilled meat and spice covered sides as well as a solid serving of classic tzatziki filled me up! By the time we got to dinner I was keen to try the reputable seafood of the Greek Islands. Mixed seafood souvlaki came as a 15 inch skewer covered in massive chunks of all kinds of fish, octopus and prawn surrounded by rice, salad and chips! Our evening was on and with the overtone of the upcoming tequila bar and a birthday within the tour, we finished dinner and made our way through to the Mex Bar of Mykonos.


It was an eventful night, including everything from business deals through to bar dancing, and a walk through the markets was an experience of true business culture, filled with haggling and merchants inviting with smooth lines into their store. By the time we hit the local nightclub it was packed and the one thing I can say is the music is loud, and awesome. However, it wasn’t a place to stay forever so we made our way along to the bus and flopped into bed, relishing the aircon.

Mykonos is a beautiful place, so the next morning was due time to catch up with the rest of the crew and go for a nice walk around the local area before sitting in the pool for a few hours. The big difference with the islands to my previous travel is that Mykonos is built to relax, have a good time with mates, and isn’t built towards exploring history or major attractions other than bars, clubs and food. For this reason it’s not huge for families unless you are staying in the resort, however if you are one of those people who love a bit of a party, it is the place for you to go. The Scandinavian bar and the Tropicana club on Paradise Beach is a crazy time, and worth at least a brief experience, even if you only stay a short while!

Our final full day in Mykonos was a late start, before filling up on great food from the hotel restaurant and walking along the coastline. Later that afternoon we took a beach hopping boat to observe the scenery and visit the famous Paradise Beach. After a few drinks we decided a long coastal walk back home would be amazing at sunset. We were not disappointed by the views of expansive waters and beautiful coastline, and by the time we got home it was nigh time for a shark-free evening swim in the beach below our hotel before a brilliant souvlaki once again.

Unfortunately the morning came all too soon and after another giant breakfast said our sad goodbye to the fun island of Mykonos, and climbed aboard our floating vessel towards the island of Paros! Each place so far this trip has gotten better and better, and hopefully #jongmasjourney follows that trend! Have a check of my top 5 parts of Mykonos!

Mykonos Musts

  1. Scenery: The entire coastline is on beautiful panorama, and a gentle walk around is an unforgettable experience.
  2. Chill out on the beach: Get a towel, spread out and just take in the atmosphere!
  3. Get a quadbike: I didn’t feel confident enough on these, but my mates did and had a brilliant day all around the island! To avoid problems take it from them to ensure you have petrol!
  4. Party: Mykonos is incredibly famous for a wild party and a crazy time. Head down to the Mex Bar in town, or Tropicana on Paradise Beach for a brilliant time, if that is what you are keen for!
  5. Eat: Seafood and grills are a speciality on the Greek Islands, the Marco Polo Restaurant and Blue Myth are two fantastic places!


I’m loving Greece, and am travelling with a whole bunch of brilliant people, so until I write next…

As Grandma’s friend Laurie always says…

“Love all around”

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