Packing for backpacking

Pack light or be prepared?

The ever burdening question for travellers, how much will you need, what is worthwhile, and what is too much to lug around? There the impression that it’s better to have more than less but eventually packing has to come down to a rough art of knowing what to bring to avoid a heavy and useless bag. Below are a few questions to help you decide for yourself before giving a rough guide to my bag.


Is it needed?

This might be silly thing to ask, but I’ve met so many people who pack the silliest and most useless things. From a guy who brought a whole separate bag of shoes to a girl who packed half her bag of plush toys. As you run through your packing list, it is super helpful and very easy to take a moment to cull what will just be dead weight and space in your bag!

How often will I use it?

In the choice between your two jumpers or debate about which shoes to choose, immediately shoot for the most practical and most regularly used item. Which is more important, the toothbrush, or that extra pair of trousers? Skip the useless gadgets and only take what you need.

What is my loss if it gets lost or broken?

Travel will always be a key way of losing things, from expensive headphones left in the hostel, to leaking GoPro cases, so between damage, theft and forgetfulness you want to take items with you that can easily be replaced.

Mentally visualise your holiday

Run through your itinerary in your head and think about what equipment you will need each day, and check the weather to see if you are looking for singlets or skis! Use it or lose it!

You only need one coat and one pair of shoes!

Most people will only need a single coat for their trip, and picking the right style of versatile footwear can save huge amounts of space in a bag, particularly for guys who aren’t fashion fussed!

Should I bring a laptop?

This comes down to personal preference, I like the ease of looking things up, and it’s quite an important tool for a blogger. However, with the rise of the smartphone that is big as a tablet, it is becoming less and less needed!

Do I want to wear it?

We’ve all been there, not liking an item of clothing in your suitcase and therefore not using it the whole trip… What a waste! Try on the clothes you take with you, and make sure it is something you want to wear!

My Bag

Keep in mind that everyone is different, and wants different things on their holiday, and it varies dependant on the weather and time going for. If I’m going for more than 5 days I will usually do a wash, so a 1/day* carries a max of five before washing


Item Number Item Number
Coat 1 Trousers 2
Shoes 1 pair Flip Flops (Thongs) 1
Socks 1/day* Underwear (Pants) 1/day*
Belt 1 Base layer tops (Winter only) 3
Base layer bottoms (Winter) 1 T-shirts/Singlets Days/2+2 (Max 5)
Collared shirts 2-3 Jumpers 1-2
Raincoat 1

Weight: 14kg

Camera Bag

Item Number Item Number
Camera 1 Lens 2
Small tripod 1 Spare Battery 3
SD Cards 3x16GB Battery Charger 1
Power Converters 2

Weight: 3.5kg

Hand luggage

Item Number Item Number
Laptop and Charger 1 Folder for Travel Details 1
Passport Holder and Identity Docs 1 Phone 2
Headphones 1 Notepad 1
External Hard Drive 1

Weight: 5kg

Hopefully his helps and maximises your packing efficiency, travel with what you need and nothing more! Subscribe and stay tuned for more from #jongmasjourney!

As Grandma’s friend Laurie always says…

“Love all around”

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