Barcelona is a city full of energy and vibrancy. It’s also a city for every type of traveller, from a history buff and nature lover to a party animal and a relaxing holiday. My time in Barcelona was far too short, but we made the most of every moment! Scroll through this post and find what is best for each different type of traveller!


Architecture Adventures

The city is renowned for brilliant buildings and a beautiful cityscape. My first afternoon here was spent overlooking the city from the Olympic Park area. This was my first taste for the vibes of the city, and the Gothic Catalonian style presented.



Overlooking the city


Barcelona is home to one particular famous individual’s work. Antoni Gaudi’s incredible vision created many masterpieces, but two stick out significantly. The famous Sagrada Familia, rooftop sculptures at La Pedrera and the aquatic themed Casa Batllo all are awe inspiring and present ethereal beauty. Any Architect Adventurer will fall in love with the city as many before them have!

History Buffs

Catalonia is a region covered in political turmoil and confusion, with raging opinions on both sides of every stick for as long as people can remember. Take a walking tour through the old town to be astonished by the blood bath of the Christian revolution, the extreme attempt for an independent Catalonia, and a Royal family with more drama than the Kardashians. Historically Barcelona is an amazing place full of brilliant stories and events.

Sports fans

When you google ‘Barcelona’, the first result is the football club, and not the actual city. Camp Nou is the home of football and arguably the best sports club of the century. A walking tour through the grounds of Camp Nou is a pretty awesome experience as you get to see the passion that the Spaniards have for football and just why the rest of the world has been drawn in.

If you are looking for more sport, the 1992 Olympic Venues are all open and have magnificent views of the city, particularly the main stadium!

Party Animals


The cry is heard every night from the party district just south of the old town next to the beach. From Ibiza style Mac Arena, to the rocking venue of Razzmatazz, the clubbing scene is well known and definitely worth doing at least once. The area down by the south end of Las Rambles is very popular. Do some searching online for ways to get in free as there are often special guest lists that can be prebooked and code words to skip the entry fee!

Nature Lovers

Once you’ve finished your party some greenery and solace are probably wanted! Head up to the northern part of the city for another of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. Park Guell is a quiet but popular spot filled with some amazing and serene architecture in nature. The Alice in Wonderland feel perfectly complements the gardens and is a great place to spend a few hours relaxing! I didn’t bring my camera on this one sorry… Feel free to google image it!

Why Visit?

Barcelona is a must do for any traveller, with so much for everyone it is truly an amazing city which I could have spent much longer in… I would love to go back!

Stay tuned at for France and Italy! But until then…

As Grandma’s friend Laurie always says…

“Love all around”

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