#jongmasjourney 2.0

The immortal words… “I’ll be back”

Two and a half years ago I said that to all my friends in England, as I boarded a the bus first thing after the Christmas party to cram in as much of Europe as I could before I returned home.

Today I’m sitting on the familiar bus from Heathrow to Cheltenham, in my old house hoodie while reliving the memory days of my Gap Year. This time its a bit different though, I’m carrying an extra bag full of boomerangs, koalas and tim-tams to visit my baby sisters Ellie and Lucy, who are now living in Cheltenham just two doors down from my old house. It is strange to be back in an area I felt so comfortable in and for it to now seem semi-nostalgic and semi-alien.

Dan (Ellie’s Boyfriend travelling with me) and I are gliding down the freeway on a spectacularly bright summers day. It’s a welcome change from the frosty window mornings back home. The fields on either side are mostly a lush green with pockets of forest every 100 metres. We are on our way to Cheltenham, England. I’m excited to post this after the travel blog’s rather extensive hiatus. Mostly over the next few days I’m keen to see my sisters and spend time with them and also reconnect with old friends in Cheltenham. The four (Ellie, Lucy, Dan and myself) of us will then travel for the next month through the UK and Europe, so stay updated by subscribing to keep in the loop of where we are and what we are doing! With great joy and anticipation we begin #jongmasjourney 2.0.

As Grandma’s friend Laurie always says…

Love all around”



Dan and I before leaving Sydney for London

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