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#jongmasjourney has started small, with the humble beginnings of a student on a gap year with an iPhone 4 camera and a knock off laptop. In recent months, with traffic steadily increasing and many more subscribers getting my posts via email is preparing to expand.

That means I’m looking to work with other travellers, companies or groups to provide the most comprehensive and brilliant travel blog on the net! With engaging social media coverage on multiple platforms and rapidly improving photography, jongmasjourney is on the upswing. You might have a product, an idea or stories to share. If you do… Get in contact!

Why use this blog?

There are a few reasons why promotion on a travel blog can advance your business image, and why you should use my blog.

  1. Personality: Stories are told in my own, personal manner, and have a connection with readers. This creates an experience for my readers before they even set foot in their destination, and a first impression is incredibly important.
  2. Reader demographics: There is an incredibly wide audience for the blog, and analysis shows that while a large portion of readers reside in the 18-24 bracket, there are also a percentage of 55+ individuals regularly accessing the blog. Both these sectors represent the major target market for holiday companies. Readers also come from all over my world, my travels have engaged many people, primarily Australians, but connections with people all over the UK, Europe and America.
  3. Rising popularity: Since march 2015, every month has seen an increase in both visitors and views, and regular development of layout and content is directed at improving user experience. We currently have over 600 email subscribers alongside our daily visits of between 30 and 160 depending on social media coverage.
  4. Growth, feedback and development: follows the basic principle of getting feedback and modifying to ensure continued growth. Regular user-testing and feedback is ensuring that the page is growing to suit the readers and we are providing the detailed information that people want from a first hand experience.
  5. Trust: Readers connect and trust that I write about my experience, meaning my advice and recommendations are significantly better weighted than an industry products websites.

What can I do to help your business?

  • Other travellers: Publish your own guest articles and promote your own ventures, it’s a great way to grow your audience and get feedback!
  • Places: Consult with me on a trip, plan a visit that ensures that my article includes all the best hints and tips to share with future customers!
  • Companies: Product reviews and advice, word of mouth and consumer recommendation have significant power to influence choice and my blog can help with that!

Ready? Email me using to get started!